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Wine Estate Facts

  • Region: Wachau

  • Owner: Andreas Eder

  • Estate Size: 5 hectares/12.5 acres

  • Production; 1,700 cases

  • Grapes: Riesling Grüner Veltliner, Muskat and Traminer

  • Vineyards: Süssenberg, Silberbichl and Raubern

Miniscule estate from the Wachau, arguably the most important wine region in Austria. This is a region which is prized above all for its mesmerizing Grüner Veltliner and Riesling. Vineyards from this estate are located in the village of Mautern, some 50 miles to the west of Vienna, and is the oldest wine village in Austria. Also the home of the great Weingut Nikolaihof, the oldest wine estate in Austria. Mautern sits along the Danube, but the “other” side of the river. Most of the important villages are located on the northern side of the river where the Danube River helps to act as a radiating effect, providing more heat into the vineyards. However, on the southern side, where Mautern is located, the vineyards are more inland and are comprised of more diverse soils. This, along with various climactic influences from the warm Pannonian air from the east, the cooling effects of the Dunkelsteiner forest and a perfect aspect to the sun’s rays, provides wines of tremendous complexity and intensity of flavor.

Weingut Eder is run by Andreas Eder, a passionate, dynamic and supremely talented winemaker, who represents the 4th generation of family stewardship. The estate is small, 12.5 acres altogether, to produce its estate wines. The total production is a meager 1,700 cases. The estate’s holdings are located in the best vineyards of Mautern including: Süssenberg, Silberbichel and Raubern. Andreas’ winemaking philosophy is to capture and preserve the natural elements of grape varietal, climate and unique soils within his vineyards and to mirror these characteristics in each of his wines. All grapes are hand-picked. The use of stainless steel for fermentation and vinification as well as extended lees contact and late bottling captures the expression of minerality, harmonious acidity and complexity, allowing for outstanding age ability.

Because of high ripeness levels achieved in the vineyards, the wines are broken down into the distinct quality categories, permitted only in the Wachau.

Steinfeder (Shtine-fay-duh) Lowest level of ripeness. Light-bodied, fragrant and fruity with a maximum alcohol level of 11.5%.

Federspiel (Fay-der-shpeel) Wines of more power and concentration than those of Steinfeder, yet still delicate, fruity and charming. Alcohol levels must be between 11.5% and 12.5%.

Smaragd (Smar-ahhgd) Highest quality of dry wine in the Wachau with a minimum alcohol level of 12.5%. Wines of significant intensity power and concentration, often Austria’s best.

In order to assure absolute quality and authenticity, the winery adheres to the strict rules of the Code of the Wachau which states:

For the Vinea Wachau, wine is a completely natural product, one which represents its area of origin and the distinctions of the area as well. The Codex Wachau is a declaration of dedication to natural wine production and the strictest of controls in the categories of Steinfeder, Federspiel and Smaragd. Absolutely no chemical-change processes or taste-altering changes are permitted.

The quality from this estate is exceptional! The Eder wines are simply brilliant in their overall definition. These are intense powerhouses, yet with precision and clarity that appear weightless on the palate. A balancing act of the purity of fruit flavor from the grape and the expressively minerality from the unique soil provide wines of immeasurable intensity and refinement.
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