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Wine Estate Facts

  • Region: Kremstal

  • Owner: Manfred Felsner

  • Estate Size: 16 hectares/39.5 acres

  • Production; 8,000 cases

  • Grapes: Riesling (White), Gruner Veltliner (White), Blauer Zweigelt (Red), St. Laurent (Red), Rivaner (White), Neuburger (White), Gelber Muskateller (White), Frühroter Veltliner (White)

  • Vineyards: Gedersdorfer Vordernberg, Moosburgerin, Reisenthal, Weitgasse, Rohrendorfer Leithen, Kremser Gebling

Manfred Felsner cultivates with the help of his family 38 acres of best vineyard sites in Gedersdorf and Rohrendorf (wine growing area Kremstal, one of the most famous wine growing districts in Austria). Since the young winemaker became the leader of the estate in 1990 he has been striving to produce single vineyard wines clearly expressive of their variety and of their Kremstal origin at an internationally competitive level. His viticultural guideline is: „Little is more". He is an uncompromising representative of the terroir principle; canopy management principle and selective multiple pass picking of the grapes. All grapes are hand-picked. In the cellar he combines modern technology with traditional wisdom in order to preserve the high quality of the grapes without loss of aroma for each bottle of Felsner wine. The results are fruity, elegant, well-aging wines. He also gives absolute priority to environmentally friendly methods of viticulture. Manfred Felsner has been rapidly gaining a reputation for growing and creating outstanding wines. His efforts are recognized by awards received at national and international wine tastings and competitions.
The Felsner Grüner Veltliner thrives on well-exposed terraced vineyards with either ancient loess or calcareous conglomerate soils. The mild Pannonian influence from the east and the cool winds from the Waldviertel lend the wines spice and finesse. Each Grüner Veltliner, from the elegant Moosburgerin to the full-bodied Vordernberg to the mineralic Kremser Gebling and the complex Alte Reben, has its very own personality.

The Vintner, Manfred Felsner
Tasting with me you are instantly aware that I like wine, like making it, like explaining it, like thinking about it and I am entirely fond of it. I want my wines to give pleasure and to stimulate sensuality and the zest for living.


The love for our land and for our natural environment is what inspires me to passionately create great wines. I believe that it is my responsibility to take that fruit and get it into the bottles as the most natural and purest expression of that specific vineyard, of the grape varietal and of the vintage.

In order to reach this I do not use international varietals, but instead indigenous varietals. Only varietals like Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Neuburger, St. Laurent, etc. have the best qualification to grow every year grapes of highest quality, because they have perfectly adjusted to the regional microclimate and soil for several hundred years, like no other varietal.

This principle helps me create wines that are internationally recognized as top quality.

The Vineyards

I consider myself very lucky to own vineyards of which many were already planted by my grandfather.

The greatest treasure of Felsner winery is its high stand of old vineyards. 50 % of our Grüner Veltliner vines are over 30 years old, some even over 45 years. If one is satisfied with crop on a reduced scale, old vines will be interesting. The small, loose-berried grapes are less prone to mould, reach faster the desired sugar content and provide much more extract. Old vines reach much deeper layers of soil, where additional trace elements and nutrients can be absorbed. These give the wine a distinctive taste.
In order to preserve old rare varietal clones, we tend some ancient vines to be used for new grafts. In our appellation we have good years and we have great years. It gives me the freedom to decide, nothing holds me back from expressing myself.

The Wine Cellar

The natural centrepiece is our 500 years old natural cellar, deep down at the bottom of a loess terrace, covered with 10 m of loess layer. Constant cool temperature (10° Celsius) and humidity guarantee perfect conditions for the development and ageing of the wines in stainless steel tanks as well as acacia and oak barrels.

We grant our wine a long phase of fermentation, in which the young wine remains closely bound to the yeast. Only after at least 4 months of maturation it is filled into bottles.

The Vinification
All viticulture is ecological. Natural fertilizers, no herbicides or pesticides, composting with the skins. But we are not organic, as fungicides are used. We'll green-harvest if need be.

All harvesting is selective, with 2 or 3 passes through the vineyards, exclusively by hand. The white grapes are whole-cluster pressed. All pressing is pneumatic. Cultured yeast is used to ferment in temperature-controlled tanks. We don't chaptalize and our musts settle by gravity. After fermentation the musts are racked twice, never fined.

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